I need help setting up my account to assign leads from x cities to x Account Executive?

If theres a manual or automated way to do this please let me know. I don’t want all my leads accessed by every AE. I want to only allow access to their assigned territories.

Hey @explorevala,

How about having a board per city, so you can give access to these boards to specific AEs?

I’m waiting to hear from you,


I honestly did this already, I have the boards up per city. I guess my question is once I have a new AE as a user. How do I designate the boards to them? This way they can’t have access to all boards. @Leandre_R

So you already have these boards up for each city. How about making these boards private? So when you have a new AE, they can request permission to view the board that matches their territory.

three dots → board settings → change board type

Do you need a special version of Monday to do this? I have the regular version and I don’t see this option?

Never mind yes, I see it now. I have to have Pro ok thank you

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