I receive tickets through email. What about attachments and sender mail address

Hi, I want to solve an issue with our ticketing system.

Our users add IT tickets through a Monday form or with an email to a specific mail address.

When we receive the email I am not able to add to the created task in a column the sender’s mail address and the attachments if the email has one or more.

How can I resolve the above issue?

Hey Dimitris!

To confirm, you are unable to add files and the email address to the appropriate columns when the items are created via email? Or after the items are created?

It sounds like this might be worth having our support team take a look at so we can figure out what is going wrong here or if this is expected behavior based on the workflow you have set up.

Can you send us an email or chat here with a screen recording of the behavior in action?

For example, record your screen while you submit a test form and a test email to the specific mail address. Then, show your board and how the items appear and which columns are filled after receiving the form and email.

You can use loom.com to record a screen recording video for free.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting this resolved ASAP! :muscle:

Thanks for your reply.

As you can see in the picture we have an integration and we create a task when the message received.

But i am not able, i don’t have the option to add sender’s mail address to email column.

Also if the mail has an attachment i can’t see it in the platform. For example in the last two scrennshots the specific mail has an xlsx attachment.

I need this as well… exactly the same.

I dont get it how some basics features are missing:

  • to be able to get senders email in column so when we cant to contact it auto-fill can happen
  • to have simple reply button in task without starting new email conversation (new email thread)

I simply do not get how Product Owner/Customer satisfaction team do not see need for such a basic feature which could get much more new customer because it could replace Attlasion service desk and many other tools from competitors. We currently have so many useless widgets and stuff and still missing “reply option” … just crazy.

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