I saved a filter on my Dashboard and now I can't get rid of it

I saved a filter to my dashboard, and now I want it gone. If I press “clear all”, the filter will be gone, but if I switch to another board and come back to my dashboard, the filter will be back. How do I set the filter to be off by default (other than creating and saving a dummy filter that actually filters nothing or duplicating the dashboard)?

Hi @bob1
The only thing I can think of without knowing more is if you’re hitting save to this view?

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Hi Sam, unfortunately there are no “views” on dashboards. We can save filters (see screenshot) but my problem is that clearing the filters doesn’t reset the default no-filter.

Also, I can’t save a “no filter” filter because the save filters button is greyed out when there are no filters.

Hi Bob,

Have you tried switching to advanced filters (bottom left of the filter box) > then cycling through all 12 boards to see if there’s individual filters applied to any of them? That’s the only thing I can think of judging from your first screenshot

Hi Desmond,

Unfortunately the only board to which filters were applied is the “Main Board” seen above.

I did a quick test in my testing environment and this problem can be easily replicated. Just have to create an empty dashboard, connect it to a random board, save a filter, then impossible to permanently get rid of that filter.

Hi @bob1 :wave:

That hiccup you’ve got is because it’s a dashboard in it’s own right and not a chart view on a board. Unfortunately, your best fix in this situation is to remove that widget to install a replacement with (or without) the filters as needed.

Happy to chat all things monday.com any time - keep me in mind for sounding out ideas for best approach and scalable optimisation :slight_smile:

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Hi Peta, thanks for the reply.

I’d be surprised to see this problem fixed before 2030 (if it ever gets fixed), so I’ll just put a band-aid over it by saving a new filter that doesn’t actually filter anything to overwrite the previous one.