I want to asign different loads of work in a task assigned to two users

I am planning some tasks. Some of them have 2 or more users asigned, however, not all off them will have the same workload on the task. How can I put this so the workload for each user is properlly calculated?

Hi Luis,

You could potentially calculate different values based on the users, but from a workflow perspective, I would advise against this. If two individuals have 2 different workloads assigned to the same task, that’s a solid indication that it should be two separate tasks. I suspect your current workflow may be leaning you this way, and I’d suggest thinking about about how you want this work to flow as this is where Monday really shines. If for example, the two users are a marketing team member and a PM team member, you could have them completing their tasks in two separate boards (one for marketing, one for PM). These two tasks can connect to the main item, but each would carry a separate workload. You could then also have the assigned users mirror to the top level item. Here is a simple video talking through how this could play out. If you want to discuss further let me know and I can set up some time with you: Exploring Task Management and Workflows | Loom

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