I want to set up an automation for a team member to be notified when a certain date approaches. However, this specific date column is a mirrored column from another board

Here’s more context:

Team Member A fills out a form and indicates the date Team Member B should follow-up. This data from Team Member A is added to Board A which sends specific data to many other team members and boards, including Team Member B and Board B. The boards are connected and the date that Team Member B should follow-up is mirrored into that team member’s Board B. How can we notify Team Member B that the follow-up date is approaching since the date column is a mirror from Board A and not a “pure date” column native to Board B?

Hi Shannon. You can use the date column in the source board to trigger a status change on the same item and then use that status change to trigger via a mirrored column (mirrored status columns can serve as triggers when used in combination with premade recipes).