Ignore completed tasks from estimation of workload capacity

Dear everyone,

The following problem has just come up:

I have several tasks in different boards (projects) which span several weeks and some of these tasks was completed already, somewhere in the mid of their timelines.
However, the workload capacity dashboard is still counting the effort planned of these tasks completed.
This is problematic since completed tasks do not require any further resource allocation, they are done.

Is there a possibility to ignore the completed tasks from the workload capacity estimation?


Hi @libertitas
Welcome to the community
If you are using the workload Widget and I am understanding correctly
You can add a filter by status and include all status that are not complete, you can then save this filter to widget so the settings stick, This should then filter out anything thats complete
You can also apply the filters across different boards if you have multiple boards connected to the dashboard

Hope this provides what you need
Many thanks in advance

Dear Dan,

thank you for your quick help.
Actually, the filter does the job according to your suggestion if I set it to all of my boards (projects).
I selected the Status column with ‘is not’ condition using ‘all done labels’ value. Now, I can see only those tasks which need action.