I'm looking for a developer to create an app that will be able to search item's on a monday.com board, and then change a status column automatically based on search parameters

I am looking for a developer who can create an app that would search items in a board. Identify items that match our keyword criteria and then automatically changed a status column, which would then trigger an automation to move the selected items to another board.

The goal is to automate this task of searching and identifying news article that match our business needs.

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hi @dwadsworth

Happy to discuss further. What would be the trigger for the app to start searching? Where and how are the keyword criteria stored on the board?

I have developed some apps in Appsheet that consult and edit multiple boards on monday, trigger actions in both directions, notifications via App and email with attachments, my English is very basic but something could be done.
The app can print complex reports with professional templates. etc Greetings from Paraguay

Juan A. Genes
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