Import contacts fields greyed out for example the company field is greyed out so it doesn't import the field from excel

I am importing data from Excel into default contacts and then into the default Accounts boards. I have used the excel format and fields from However key fields cannot be imported. When I go to the map them the fields I need to map the data to are greyed out.

Hi @CCass - those are likely connect board or mirror columns that cannot be imported into. If it is a connect board column, what you would need to do is use match automations in your board you are importing into when the item is added.

For example, if you are importing contacts and want to have the Account column filled in, as long as the account name is imported into another column, you can use that column to match back to the name of the account in the Account board. Then it will be filled in.

If you need more information or further assistance, reach out any time.