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I have a doubt about uploading data in excel to monday, I know there is a way to import it directly on the board, but as it creates another group every time it uploads new data, this doesn’t supply what I need, so I tried to do it via API , the problem I found doing this is that it takes a long time for the base to rise. How should I create bases within monday and within the same group? The most efficient way.

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That’s a great question.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, could you clarify what you mean when you mention it takes a long time for the database to rise? Do you mean it takes a long time to create the relevant items on your board?

As we do not have a batch API, you will be limited by the complexity limit per minute, which is set to 10,0000,000 complexity per minute for any paying account with API access.

In terms of creating a new group, you could select all of the items in the group and move them to a new group, if you’d like. That seems like it could be a quick enough solution for most cases.

Otherwise, I’d be glad to learn more about the specific pain points you’re seeing now so we could provide more precise and helpful suggestions, if possible.


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Exactly, when there are many items to be created via api, it takes a long time, compared to direct import on the board, another problem with importing excel directly on the board, is the type of column, I can’t use the drop-down list column, and I need to take it to report. And it is not feasible to go up in a text type column and then change to a drop-down list because there is a lot of data on many boards.


Thank you for following up on this.

To clarify further, just how much data are you looking to import? Using the API, you will definitely take longer than importing via the in-built option as you’d be limited by the complexity rate. Still, you should be able to create around 330 items per minute without hitting the complexity rate, with any number of columns and being able to customize the values the way you’d like.

I’m afraid we do not provide any Batch API methods that would allow you to create more than 1 item at once, but it’s something we are considering to implement at a later point in time. That said, as of right now, this doesn’t look like an addition planned for the nearest future.

I hope this helps.


You might want to checkout SpreadsheetWeb integration Apps Marketplace. You can import your excel data directly on your board.
See more at monday SpreadsheetWeb - SpreadsheetWeb Help.
Full disclosure: I work at SpreadsheetWeb. If you have any question, I will be happy to help.

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@AlexSavchuk - our use case is keeping in sync with a data dump from our graph database, ideally once every 15 mins I would run your import script (which works really nicely via the GUI) - i coded this all up to produce a new csv in the correct format for Monday and just wrongly assumed the api would let me import it. 330 items per minute will not be sufficient so that isn’t a viable option. I appreciate that this isn’t on your immediate roadmap but it is probably a blocker for me using the product unless there is a workaround you can suggest?

@chaymaamrabet - have you found a way to bulk import using SpreadsheetWeb or do you just iterate through the rows? How do you handle the rate limit and what do you do with duplicates?


hey @domv @franklin.oliveira,
Were you able to resolve this issue?

I also encounter a rate limit error when importing hundreds of items one by one.
My solution for now is to pause to process once it’s reaches some threshold, but clearly it’s not a feasible solution.