Importing Excel data on a monthly basis without creating new groups

Hello Experts,
Aplogies if this comes off as a noob question, but I am at my wits end.
I have an excel file which looks like below.
The goal here is that perfomance data will by compiled and consolidated on a monthly basis on the excel file, which in turn will be uploaded onto the platform, thereby reflecting metrics onto the dashboards.

My immediate problem is that no matter how I try, I am unable to “upload” the data of the subsequent month, and I dont want to create a new group every time a file is uploaded as this will be an executive access table.

Any guidance will be greatley appriciated

Hi @Tabish - a couple of thoughts. You could have an automation set that when a new item is created to move it to the desired group?

Otherwise, you could utilize to create a simple import of data and specify exactly where you want the data to reside. has a free tier as well if usage is relatively low.


Hi Mark,
Thank you for your response, not sure if the proposal suits our requirements. I dont want any new groups to be created, so automations are out of the question.
I will keep poking around to see if something clicks
Thanks for the helpful guidance though