Improve changes for multi-value column types to only trigger automations once

People, dropdown, connect boards, and dependency columns let you select multiple choices. Each selection is immediately saved and triggers automations.

Alter the behavior/interface of these column types so that when editing them, such as selecting multiple people, it only alters the column value once when we click out of the selection box.

Reasoning for this improvement:

  • reduces general platform load
  • reduces automation/integrations/apps/make/zapier usage
  • eliminate mis-selections - a user may select something incorrectly then remove it without the column value actually changing.
  • eliminate automation race conditions - an automation triggered by a connect boards column changing may act based on the newly connected item. If several items are connected in succession, the automation will act three times but due to the asynchronous nature of, execution order is not assured. By only writing the change once - the automation can see the three new items, and act accordingly for the addition of the three new items, ensuring the data read for the change is consistent with the values at the time the change was made.