Improving the Item Card - Resizing Information Widget


One of the frustrating things I find with is the wasted viewing space on various widgets.
Example: the Item cards “information Widget” has so much wasted space (white space) the ability to view all required information on the card is difficult.
(the same goes for reports - when creating these, there is so much “white space”)

Can this be looked at for improvement?
See image for example/explanation.


I completely understand your frustration with the wasted viewing space on widgets, especially with the Item cards’ information widget and reports. Efficient use of space is crucial for usability and productivity.

Improving the layout to minimize unnecessary white space is a valid point. It would enhance the user experience and allow for better visibility of critical information without the need for excessive scrolling or zooming in.

Hopefully, monday. com takes your suggestion into consideration for future updates to make the platform even more user-friendly and efficient.

Neelam B. Consulting