Inbox grey header text is missing a level

Hey guys.

I make liberal use of the Inbox area of Monday, but often I can’t tell the origin of a given update because while the Board and Pulse are shown in the upper area, the Group is not, and that Group is critical to our PM system, it contains the actual project name/number. Can we not A) add that, and B) have the link that it creates jump straight to that Group on the relevant board?


That’s an odd omission.

Agree we need the full breadcrumb trail including the Group name.


Definitely never noticed the missing group. But I’m pretty sure if you click the board > pulse link it drops you right to the pulse, which IMO is better than the board.

Interesting - I was about to disagree because my experience had been that clicking on the pulse opened a modal dialog that forced you to then click again to get to the pulse/board. But either I’m conflating this area with something else or they changed the behavior - it now just goes straight to the pulse, opening the details pane. So yes, this particular need is very low, I mainly just want to be able to see what Group a given Inbox event is related to.

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Agree, the groupname should be visable and clickable in the inbox’ breadcrumb.

The updates I receive in the inbox are often without context. As a result, I open an item first to get context from the columns (status and other updates for example) before I can respond to that update (via the inbox, but most of the time I respond via de pulse itself since I opened it).
To be able to handle inbox messages quicker

  1. Add the group name
    As described above, the board and the pulse name are mentioned, but the group name is not, but at least as important

  2. Add the quick edit window to the inbox
    A new update can effect the columns of an item, or the other way around. With the quick edit you can also act directly from the inbox (see image)

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That’s a great addition to what I’m requesting. After my previous conversation above I realized that the interface I was thinking of (what you’re showing here) is what appears when you click on an item in a Link column. I agree that it would be great here as well, helping you avoid leaving Inbox if you don’t really want to.


Thanks to @Eltjo for calling this out!! Hello Group Names!!