Include contact name in an email?

I have a board with a connected column to a Contacts board. I want to use an automation to send an email to the contact.

There is not a way to simply include the contact’s name in the email? Like:

Dear John Smith

The Contact field does not appear in the list of fields I can embed in the email. I tried to create a mirror column, but the name is not one of the columns I can mirror. And I can’t create an automation to copy the name into a text field. I can have a formula field that gets the contact name, but it doesn’t allow me to include a formula field in the email.

That seems extremely limiting.

You could use the Make integration to create a custom automation that pulls the contact’s name from the connected column and sends it in an email.
When a new item is created on your board, Make could be triggered to send an email to the contact’s email address. The email would include the contact’s name, which would be pulled from the connected column on

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I was able to get this to kind of work by mirroring the Email of the Contact field to another column, and in the Contact, put the name in the “Add text to display” associated with the email address. It’s a duplicate of the name fields, but it will work.


In an automation, the mirrored email address field results in this:

Madison Doyle -