Include Enterprise features in developer accounts

Could we get enterprise-level features added to monday developer accounts? One of my customers is seeing an API error, which I’m fairly sure is due to board permissions. There’s no way for me to reproduce this error though with only my developer account, since it doesn’t include these features.

In my opinion, developer accounts should have full access to everything available so that developers can fully test all scenarios of their app. An even better solution would be for us pick the level of account to create, so we can test the app for every available tier.


+1 from my side

Agree, marketplace developer accounts at the very least should have the full permissions model available because there is no way to actually test our apps against them during development.

Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback – it’s on our roadmap but we haven’t done it yet. I’ll see if we can increase the priority here.

In the meantime, we can manually grant you specific features on a 1-off basis. Please send an email to with the exact features you need.

A specific list, not just “Every enterprise feature” please :slight_smile: