Include monday doc content in search

Same - I’m still having to cling onto OneNote (which has excellent searching) until add search to pickup content within Docs. :confused:

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+1 for the search feature. Looks the idea (an excellent one ) was submitted more than 1.5 years ago and there have been multiple up-votes and requests to implement this feature. Can someone from please comment on the roadmap. It makes it impossible to plan on our infrastructure roadmap without knowing if or when features will be included.

I think Workdocs has the potential to become a Notion/Confluence replacement for Wikis/knoweldge management with a few key features added. I would rate content-search as the #1 feature that is missing.


This feature should be baked in by default. As someone who is looking to utilize Monday as a platform to remove the 30 apps/services currently in use this feature is almost a necessity. I have a user who is specifically trying to get rid of OneNote/Evernote by using Monday Docs, and due to the lack of search they can’t utilize it for meeting notes that can easily be searched.


This is completely unexpected from a user perspective: what’s the reason for not to being able to find your own documents?
It is quite a basic use case for people using tools like monday to automate workslows.


How is this not baked in? I’m absolutely amazed that this has not been added as a feature from the get-go, it would make so much more useful.

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Just chiming in again to see if this is on the road map yet? Thanks!

Hi, does anybody have any update on this one? We are currently deciding what documentation tool to use.

Hello, is there anything new? We are new users and can not believe that this “function” is still missing.

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How is this not a thing, still? Coming up on two years and we still can’t search within our workdocs? people - I know you can do better! Why even offer this functionality to begin with if it isn’t searchable? Also makes search everywhere very misleading. Just my 5 cents.


+1 Without we can’t use it as an internal doc

Throwing my vote in for this one too.
On big projects with lots of docs all linked to a board, this is pretty vital when trying to find a piece of information. We’ll have to keep the important stuff in OneNote until this is improved.

Another vote for this. Need to be able to search Monday Docs.

This is an essential feature for us. We’ve used Monday to track our projects for a few months now and that is fine. The problem is that we recently started to track our software bugs in Monday as well, but the only way to add information like pictures, tracebacks, lots of rich text is through documents. But if we want to search through an old traceback or old issue to know if an issue is related or the same one, we just can’t now that we’re on Monday. Having the ability to search through all documents would help a lot, even if it is just a checkbox to check when searching and that it takes a few minutes to search. It would be way better than nothing.

I’m looking to implement a knowledge base.

There’s no point in using unless articles turn up when you search.

It would be unusable otherwise.

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@BiancaT help! Has this had any traction with your product teams?

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your patience.

I hear you all and have checked in with the relevant product team - I can let you know that whilst subject to change, this is a feature we are planning to release in H1 this year. I’ve checked in incase there’s any more information I can share and will update you once I hear back. Thank you for your patience :pray:

we need this urgently. docs just don’t make much sense if not searchable.

Docs functionality is great opportunity of Knowledge Base. But Search functionality discovers only Doc’s title. Search engine has to include Monday Doc content to be usable for Knowledge Base purposes.

@BiancaT could you provide any updates to this feature request, please?

Hey @pkk,

At this time, I don’t have any new updates to share since my last comment. Our team is working on refining some aspects of the feature and its release so I will be sure to communicate these changes when they’re confirmed :pray:

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