Including dropdown or hashtag data in automations

Hi everyone,

I am using the dropdown column and the hasthag column to create different attributes for my items in my high level board.

I also currently use the “When status changes to something, create item in board” automation in my high level board, to populate other boards with my items and their columns once their status changes. But: Neither the already existing dropdown data or hashtag data gets transported with the items that are created in the other board on status change.

Inside the automation control, it looks like this:

As you can see, I can choose which data gets transported for almost every other column, but the hashtag and dropdown column stays empty, since there are not real options to choose from. Not for existing data at least. That means all exisitng data I input into the hashtag and dropdown columns does not show up on other boards once created, even with hashtag and dropdown columns present in these other boards.

Is there any way to do this and combine it with my automation?


Completely agree with this thread - definitely need to make this update to allow dropdown and hashtag data to copy in automations!

Hey @festgebaeck @NCO

The reason for this is that both columns are not fully supported in the automation capabilities. We are looking to add support later this year.

Hi @bradley

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll be looking forward for more functionality and capabilities!

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