Increase number automation by decimals

I am working on a file rev control board to document and control the most up to date files for a design. I am using the number column to add a numerical value to the item and using the automation “If files change then increase number column by 1”

Currently the automation only allows for a minimum value of 1. We have an internal design control of 1.x and I would like to incorporate that in Monday.

Is there a better way to create an automation to reflect that?

Hey Ryan,

Hm, I am interested if you could utilise the formula column to achieve this? Whilst formula columns aren’t supported in native automations, once the number populates the number column, you could then input it into the formula column and multiple it by the relevant control/number - does this make sense?

Let me know if something like this could work for you!

Yes, this makes sense, And I can incorporate the identification I need for each upload thankyou!

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