Increase status limit - please

Hi All,

I’m sure everyone is experiencing the same frustration with the status column - there’s a maximum of 40 Statuses which NEEDS to be expanded.

This is especially frustrating as this issue was raised back in 2021.

How We Use It:

  • We’re managing 60+ clients, and tracking time for each one is essential.
  • Our Account Managers depend on their dedicated Monday Boards to log time against each client.
  • These boards are linked to a dashboard, giving us a bird’s-eye view of our efforts, both collectively and individually.

Why it’s important

*Profit and loss analysis is a vital aspect of our operations, and the status column plays a pivotal role.

  • Tracking using other methods are too difficult and offers no real value. We need Monday to be simple & easy to use, not requiring workarounds.

I’ve attached example images.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue - PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE