Info Box Upgrade on Mobile Apps

Our team uses to be able to track new managers to our company within their first 120 days. This system allows us to track the calls we make to them every 30 fays within their first 120 days. We use the info box section to create a new box for each call and then note what we talked to them about and any follow up items they need. I would love to request that we be able to edit these boxes on the mobile app. There are times I am working out in the field and am tracking these calls on my cell phone. What I currently have to do is note things in my phone app and then email it myself and then copy and paste into the system. Our team has seen the need even more during this time where we are all working from home with not our normal office set up of multiple screens. It would be nice for us to be able to have the app open on our work cell phones and be able to track notes as a manager is talking.