Integrating Slack &

I’m exploring implementing Slack buttons to submit marketing requests in

When I read the description about the entry in the Slack app directory, it talks about “…items, such as tasks or projects…”.

What I want to do is create a button within Slack that’s labeled something like “Request Video Creation”. When clicked, that button should open up a form that can accept all the input needed to submit a video request.

Can the Slack/ integration accommodate that?

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looking for this as well, posting to raise visibility as I’m looking for a solution for this myself. Would like to be able to raise requests in Slack using workflows/forms and use user inputs to create an item and kick off processes in monday (similar to Halp > JIRA)

Hi @GSN and @jhamiter, we’ve recently launched an app called Slack IntegratePlus for which allows you to create items on your board(s) from within Slack. I’m hoping it will solve the use-case you’re looking for.

Could I please request you to give it a try? Kindly let me know if you need any assistance. Thanks!

Hello Guy Nadivi
We can create the scenario between slack intergraion to and we can define the process of automated like itemas as like task an project basis, do you have any action of plan so we can integrated both platform, please let me know how can assostance you


Hey @GSN

Welcome to the community! With Slack integration, you can make raising approvals/requests interactive and transform the channel into a powerful workflow partner. This integration also enables you to create custom buttons (Request Video Creation) through the use of the intuitive API. This custom creation allows you to deliver tailored experiences and automate workflows for end-users.

If you’re looking to connect Slack and, hire integrations experts from a reputable partner company. These experts can implement integration and place Action buttons tactically within your Slack channel, thereby automating relevant processes.