Slack workflow integration

Slack is rolling out a new Workflow builder. Can the Monday app for Slack allow Monday to be, what they call, a “connector step” in this new Slack Workflow builder?

An example use case would be something like:
When a Slack workflow form is submitted, create a Monday item. This could be applicable to multiple departments but our IT department could really use it.

This way we can give our Slack users an easy, streamline way of submitting a request… and that request can send multiple notices inside Slack and then create a Monday item for our team to work on.

Commenting to raise visibility as I’m looking for a solution for this myself. Would like to be able to raise requests in Slack using workflows/forms and use user inputs to create an item and kick off processes in monday (similar to Halp > JIRA)

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I am also looking for this kind of integration…

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Yes please! Would be very useful.

*Not sure if related, but I would pay money to be able to have a Slack workflow/bot/etc to search in Monday, find a document or board, and return the link into the Slack message. That would save us hours per day…

It is actually Slack that is building connector steps for the Workflow Builder 2.0 and currently they are not opening up their platform to 3rd party developers. I do know that Slack intends on builder further connector steps but no idea on prioritization or time lines.

Today, I see Monday in the dropdown list of connections that one can add to Slack’s workflow builder.

I click on it.


I click on create an item.

I click on connect.

I click on continue to monday.


This is what I get.

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