Integration with aroflo

Hi Team,

I want to integrate with . When new item created on the client board on, those should populate in aroflo client information.

Please guide me on how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.


Hey Aruna,

Welcome to the community! At the moment we don’t have a native integration with AroFlo, so you would need to build a custom workflow for this. We have a few options for this:

Connect with our partners team to build a custom integration
We have a large network of local and international partners who can work with you to build a custom connector between and AroFlo . This is a great solution if you’re looking for a workflow that is tailored to the way you use AroFlo right now, and don’t mind paying for it. You can connect with a partner using this link.

Build it yourself with a no-code solution like Zapier
You can use a tool like Zapier to build a connection between AroFlo and yourself. This no-code solutions that let you build flows between AroFlow and

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