Integration to Microsoft Planner

We are currently using Microsoft planner for task assignments and using Monday to provide reports to management on the progress of each project. We are duplicating our work by completing items on both platforms, I saw a post that you could integrate Planner with Monday using GraphQL API. Could someone give me additional information on how to make this work? Thank you!

Hi @melinda.miller!

This might be possible by building your own, custom integration using each platform’s APIs.

You can try subscribing to webhooks: Webhooks

Once subscribed, you can receive payloads to your server whenever an item is created on monday, as an example, and then create an item in Planner based on this event.

Thank you! Would this work both ways? For instance, a user updates a task in planner and that get pushed to the corresponding task in

Hello @melinda.miller

Webhooks will work to send a notification to an endpoint on your end telling you that some event has occurred. You will then need to use the API to fetch the relevant information from the item that was changed and from your end, send that information into the other platform.

To get data from your other platform into monday whenever something changes in your other platform, you should send a webhook from your other platform into an endpoint of your choice whenever something changes. Then from your end, you would need to use our API to send the data over to a monday board.

You can do this directly via API or if you want, you can create a custom app, with an integration feature with a recipe that has a custom trigger, with a custom action in which you can use dynamic mapping to map the fields from your other platform into monday columns. You can find all the information in the links provided.

I hope that helps!


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Monday to Task Planner, is that a pssible integration?

Hello there @MarcusGiraff,

I believe the answer I gave before applies to that platform as well!