Sync with external platform

We have integrated with a few different platforms (internal & external) - when an item or subitem is updated, it updates the information in another platform.
We noticed that if there are 2 events close in time done in on the same column, for example:

  1. delete value
  2. update value
    Those event can arrive in reverse order:
  3. update value
  4. delete value
    and then we end up with the incorrect information in the other platforms.
    Anyone else with this issue? Have you found a good solution? For now, I told my users to make sure to wait 2 minutes before updating the value which is unfortunately neither scalable nor efficient.

How are you integrating these platforms together, and specifically this scenario you describe is needing ordering on a per integration basis, not across multiple integrations?

Unfortunately monday sends the events out of order sometimes, even for the same integration recipe.

Additionally, the integration likely processes events without a queue, so even if it receives the events in order, each execution may process at a different speed.

There are ways an integration can look at the activity log and see if there is another event it should process first, but that log has latency (sometimes a minute) before its updated.

If you are using webhooks, they do have a triggerTime field, and an integration using those could build in a processing delay waiting for new events with earlier timestamps before processing (queued by item+column). This may work if your integration is only bridging data to an external system and not performing changes in monday based on monday actions - since a delay in seeing the results in your other app is not as disruptive.

Thank you very much Cody for the feedback - this is very useful and interesting.
The integration I am interested in at the moment and done with Celigo. I’ll see if there is something similar to a triggerTime field. Thank you!

I believe Celigo uses webhooks, its not a platform I’ve spent any time on though. So webhook integrations would have a timestamp on them. But not sure how you’d go about ensuring order of them.

Thank you Cody - I’m discussing it with my developer. Finger crossed