Integromat - Email with possible multiple Recipients

Hello All,

I have a scenario that is taking information and Emails from a Monday board and putting it into an HTML Email via Integromat. The trouble I am having is the Monday Board has 3 columns that Emails can be input input into for the email to send. These Fields are not always all filled in, sometimes the email only needs to be sent to one recipient and sometimes it needs to be sent to all 3.

When the Scenario processes and all 3 email fields are not completed it gives me an error, deactivates the scenario, and does not send the email at all.

Is there a way that I can set up the scenario so that the email still sends if one or multiple Email fields are blank?


Yes, this can be done easily. But the specifics depend on the details of your scenario.

Taking a guess, use a router module to create a split path to each of the email modules and add a filter to each email module to only continue if the email exists.

If you need more help than that, please share your scenario layout.

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Thank you, that was helpful. I was able to get this working using routers and filters, I appreciate the insight!