Integromat/Make: Using a contact board to send and populate an email

Hi Everyone, I am trying to build an automation through that sends an email out with contact info for an internal team to a client using a contact board in Monday. The contact board is by client - separated by groups.

the trigger for this board is housed in a different board so Make is

The trouble I am having is extracting the data that I need to draft the email. There are 2 contacts that have to be pulled out of the list of contacts that will be mapped into the body of the email and into the To field of the email. To get these pieces of data, I envision filtering the data by a status on Monday for 2 different Titles that exist in the array of data that is being pulled from the contact board the producing one email that encompasses all of this information.
Here is the setup as it stands now. (this is a part of a larger workflow but others are working as designed. )

I would appreciate any advice or just let me know if Im asking too much out of Make :wink:

Thanks in advance!