Internal High-Level Overview to Customer High-Level Overview

We currently have an internal high-level overview board for all internal and customer projects. One of our customers is a special case and requires access to a high-level overview of their projects - to collaborate and monitor.

We do not want to give access to them as a guest to our internal board as we worry about column security and visibility into other projects. We have made them their own board but are unable to mirror columns from the other board as they don’t have access to it. To prevent duplicate work and management of both boards, is there any way when columns are updated or Updates are made, to reflect on the customer-facing board?

You either have to use third party integrations, or you can make a mirror column on your internal board, connect to your customer board. And copy your updated columns on that mirrored column. That way they don’t have access to your internal board. However that is manual work so third party integrations are better.

Hi @bglick - check out VLOOKUP Auto Link. It will allow you to create a secondary board for this special client and keep data in sync from the master overview board. This is only a one way connection, so if changes are made on the customer board they will not reflect back to the overview.

Hope this helps!