Internal usage of a form (not available for guests)

Hi all,

I have a main board with 2 differents forms :

  • One that has an internal use (should be available by team members only)
  • The other one has an external use (should be available for Guests and Team members).

At the moment, If I’ve a look at the form restriction, I could only choose between :

  • Account members only (but this include guest)
  • Everyone with the form link

Is there a solution that could allow me to make the internal form unavailable for the guests ? :thinking:

Thank you,

Hey Jérémie! :wave:

At this time, those are really the only two options. :slightly_frowning_face: I would suggest doing the “everyone with the form link” method and then only share the link to the team members.

Alternatively, would you consider making a Private Board for just the team members and adding a form to that board for the team members instead of two forms on the other board? Guests can’t access Private Boards so that could solve the form access issue.

Hi CharlotteK,

Thanks for your feeback but I don’t want to create an other board as everything needs to be in the same board.

FYI, I created some specifics columns, with a specific view and a click button that are not visible for our guests.
It’s not perfect but it gets the job done for my need.

Have a nice day,