Internet Explorer 11 Version 11.0.9600.19596 on Windows 7 Support

HI All,

In our Outlook integration we open an OAuth window to connect with monday, and it fails on IE11 on Windows 7 (Microsoft was kind enough to let us know) please see below :

Is there a way to fix this?

Attached a link to the video the sent as well:

Hi @YossiT,

I do want to let you know that is no longer supported on Internet Explorer 11. I would recommend using Chrome or a different browser!

Thank you Helen,

Will it be possible to display a graceful message saying that in the Auth page instead of the unaccessible fields?

Hi @YossiT,

You can use our API to send a notification to the user within their screen letting them know that IE 11 is not supported.

If your app is a view app, you can also display the message within the iframe of your view app!

OK. Thank you Helen, You are the best!




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