Introducing GetSign - ✍️ eSignatures Workflows for monday CRM ✍️

Hi. Nir here to share GetSign app for monday. com that can help you Prepare, send, sign, and track legally binding eSignatures effortlessly on top of Work OS.

GetSign is a fully integrated eSignature solution for monday CRM, streamlining document workflows with features like automated emails, real-time updates, synced templates and drag and drop template editor.

Benefits of using GetSign

  • Work without ever leaving
  • Easy to use drag and drop template editor
  • Convenient pricing compared to other solutions in the market - Unlimited documents and signatures
  • Can be triggered via Forms automations - perfect for form based eSign processes
  • Legally binding

Popular use-cases

  • Sales contracts and agreements: GetSign can be used to close deals faster by quickly signing sales contracts and agreements with clients and partners.
  • Real estate transactions: GetSign can be used to sign lease agreements, purchase contracts, and other real estate documents.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: GetSign can be used to sign NDAs and other confidential agreements between companies and partners.
  • Vendor contracts and purchase orders: GetSign can be used to sign vendor contracts and purchase orders for goods and services.

Install GetSign today for an opportunity to get a lifetime discount.

How To Use Demo - Get you eSign workflow ready in less then five minutes!