Introducing three brand new board menu features!

Drum roll please :drum:

We’re excited to present three brand new board menu app features:

  • Board group menu
  • Board item menu (coming soon)
  • Board multi-item menu

These new features enable to you create apps that work on a single group, a single item, or on multiple items. You can create these just like any other feature, but make sure you have developer mode turned on!

You’re able to start building with the board group menu and board multi-item menu features TODAY, but the board item menu feature will be available soon. As always, we will announce the release both here in the community and the changelog :smiley:

Happy building :hammer_and_wrench:


Will these menus be able to communicate between board or item views? For example, when an item is selected through the “Board item menu”, it sends an event which can be received by the board or item view app. That will be great.

Hi @kolaai,

While we don’t currently offer that, it’s a great suggestion that I’ve passed along to the team! In the mean time, they suggested using our StorageApi to pass data between features :smiley:

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Alright. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @kolaai ! Do you mind elaborating about this use case?

Hello @hen,
The use cases here are limitless.
At the moment, views in monday are fragmented and have no real connection to each other.
I think that can be improved by sending events from one view to the another.

Let’s take this simple example.
Say I want to create a todo list board view app where the user can select items from their board and add it to their todo list. At the moment, I will have to recreate the table/list of items in the app itself for the user to select. If app views could communicate with each other, the user can open the board view version of the app in split mode and select the item/items they wish to add to the todo list. This creates a central place for all items and making the app update based on changes.
Like I mentioned, the uses cases are limitless and such functionality will be highly welcomed :slight_smile:

@kolaai – I think you can implement this using the new global storage API: New global storage SDK methods

The global storage effectively lets you send data between multiple app features on the browser side!

In this case, the general flow would be:

  • User adds items to their todo list via the item action
  • App then adds these item IDs to some global object – monday.setItem('connectedTodoItems', '[12345, 23456]'
  • When you open the board view, it retrieves these item IDs and displays them as a todo list - monday.getItem('connectedTodoItems')

What do you think? :crystal_ball:

EDIT: Rachel already suggested that, oops! :man_facepalming:

Hello @dipro,

Thanks for your answer. The global storage workaround is nice but still doesn’t solve the issue. The usecases I’m describing are live use cases, where the board/table serves as the single source of truth and the user picks data from there and adds it to the board/item view, hence the split view.
So in case of the Todo list, the board view app opens in split view so that the board is still in view. The user can then select an item or list of items to be added to the todo list. The todo list is turn receives an event of item/items selected and adds it to the list.

If one were to use the global storage for that, that means, you will have to constantly ping the storage for new items which isn’t best solution in my opinion.
In this example, I used a Todo list but there are numerous use cases for such a functionality. Another example could be a calendar, where the user can select items to be placed at particular times in the calendar in ‘live’ view mode.

Hope this explanation makes things clearer.

Ah, I understand. You’re talking about a user who has both features open at the same time. I suppose this would happen if someone was using an item view too (or the board split view, as you mentioned).

Is there an app you’re building where the main use case is in split view? If so, then I’d recommend polling the storage API to look for changes. As long as you’re not bombarding it with 1000s of requests a second, you should be fine.

Yes, there is an app I’m thinking of building which will definately benefit from that.
For the time being, polling might be the only solution but I think adding selected items as events will be the best solution instead of polling every second or so for changes.

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We just had a customer request that requires selecting subitems and doing something with the selection. The board multi item menu was perfect for this. We got the integration working and it was exactly what the customer needed.

However today it seems that feature has been removed? Is this a temporary thing?

For context, this is our app

The feature no longer shows on our app marketplace page and our button when you have sub items selected no longer shows up in any monday instances.

Any ideas?

Hi @chadhutchins10,

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re facing!

The board menu app features are currently only available for developers but should be released to users in the next week :crossed_fingers:

On the same note, we recently had a bug that caused empty apps menus. Our devs pushed a fix and it should be in production in the next few days!

Both of these updates should solve your problem, but if not, let us know and we can look into it again!



That’s helpful, thank you! Looking forward to the update!

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