Intuitive Dates for Sub-Tasks in Automations

Issue: When automations create subitems, there is no intuitive way to pick a date (I.e. if you want something due 3 days after the automation is triggered and I pick a date 3 days from today and put it in there, 4 days from now every time that automation is triggered that task will be late)… Then, if you leave it blank, people won’t see it as a task that needs to be done because it has no due date and won’t show up for what is due.

Solution: When you create the automation and are making a list of subitems to populate, allow an option to make the due date “X” days from creation date (of the subitem).

*This feature exists in other areas (to make the due date X days after the item is created) but only if you are creating a single task. So at the moment, every time an automation is triggered we have to auto-generate a task and assign someone to manually go in and assign dates for 13 different subitems on a task - it just adds a lot of extra work.