Automation to have subitem dates xx days before item due date

We have several use cases on templates where we want subitems to have due dates that precede the item due date. It would be great to have an automation that says “when item is created and date set, change subitem dates to xx days/weeks before item date”. Otherwise, it’s always a manual process to fill these out each time, but it’s a constant process that subitems must always be completed the same day or week intervals in advance of an items due date.

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Hi @elizabeth.jaeger
You’ll be able to do that in our new workflow builder very soon!

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Hey @elizabeth.jaeger

We developed an app called subitem automations that’s solves this use case.
You define the offset of each subitem from its parent item based on a numbers column (which you can keep hidden if needed) and there you have it →

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

Thanks this is helpful, but the added number column feature isn’t helpful for our use case. I’d love a mix of this with another automation you have "when subitem is created and item’s name is set its due date… If I could name the subitem, I’d love to be able to hardcode a number into the formula without having to create a new random column on the board.

Hey Elizabeth,

2 questions to better understand your use case →

  1. All subitems will have the same due date (Relative to their parent item) or they differ between each other?
  2. Are the subitems always the same or change based on the item name?

If it’s better for you we can continue this discussion via email -

The subitems are the same every time on this board. The subitems have different due dates from each other, but all relate to the parent item. If I could use the “if name is” then I could hardcode the due date for each subitem, which will be the same every time.

@elizabeth.jaeger got it. Will look into it and update you.

This is going to save me Hours every week. Thank you!

Hi! We have a very similar use case. We have a set of 6 subitems that have different due dates, but all relate to a date column in the parent item. The pre-set automations in your app almost get us there, but not quite. We need the flexibility to do something like, "when subitem is created and subitem name is X, set date to [parent date column] plus X days/business days.

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Hey @elizabeth.jaeger & @nmhanlon - we’ll add it to the next version. Should be out next week.

That’s amazing. Thank you! I look forward to having that rolled out.

Thanks again @Fantasy-Media-Team . Do you have an estimated date of when this update will be out?

Hey @elizabeth.jaeger & @nmhanlon

We’re currently developing another app, once it’s done we’ll add this improvement. Should be about 1-2 weeks from now. Thanks for understanding!

Hey @elizabeth.jaeger & @nmhanlon

As promised, we’ve added the automation that does exactly this. See below →

It’s already live in the marketplace. Just go to the subitem automation app and select this automation (make sure to install it before).
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!