Is an API key still active if the attached user's email address is inactive?

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My organization uses my Monday user’s API key for a number of integrations. I’m moving to a new org in a few weeks, so the email address attached to my current user will be deactivated. Does that mean that my API key will stop working as well? Or will it remain valid as long as my Monday account is active?


Yes, API keys are pegged to your user profile in monday – if a given monday user is deactivated or deleted, their API key won’t work anymore as well.

Thanks for the speedy reply! Got it - but to clarify, I’m asking about the email address attached to the user account. So if User A remains active, but User A’s email address,, is deactivated/no longer a valid email address, is User A’s API key still active, as long as the User A Monday account remains active?


Thank you for clarifying further! As long as the user profile on is still activated, the user’s API key would still work. Even if their email address is deactivated, this will not automatically deactivate their user profile. As long as they remember their login credentials (address and password), they would be able to log in to the platform and use it in the regular fashion - and thus their API key would also continue working.

Does that make sense? Let me know!


It does. That answers my question, thank you!

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I’m glad to hear I was able to shed more light on this :slight_smile: Thanks for confirming.


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