Is it possible to assign a group of people simultaneously to an item instead of assigning them one by one?

We have set groups of people who need to vote on some projects. We want the ability to do something like “Assign Team A” or “Assign Team B” with each team having different people in it.

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As long as the members of the Teams won’t change frequently I can recommend using “Teams” to assign members to fixed Teams. Those Teams can then be assigned to tasks easily
You can find the option at your profile.

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Perfect. Thanks @Christian_Malecz

With the new board view (in beta?) you can control-click a person from the list. With control-click the popup stays active and you can more easily add multiple people.

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@basdebruin How do you get access to the beta?

@mfriedma I signed up for it from somewhere (don’t recall the link) but I am sure is happy to sign you up… just ask :slight_smile:

Thanks. Have done.


Michael Friedman

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