Is it possible to connect directly from Azure to Monday?

I’m looking to see if there is a way to import data into Monday directly from Azure. Is this possible or am I stuck with doing it manually via Excel? I must be searching the wrong thing…

It depends on your scope, and what part of azure you’re talking about. I know somebody built a power automate connector for as well - which may do what you need.

But there is no native azure integration because azure is so massive of a product and has hundreds of things you could be connecting to. Integrating it would probably be custom work, if its an ongoing thing that may have value. If its a one-time thing, then excel may be the best option.

It looks like the power automate connector is to manipulate individual things in Monday. I am trying to pull SQL data out of Azure. Specific tables with specific queries that will stay static for at least a year. Our custom (and ancient) accounting software is stored there and I need data from there into Monday for project management reasons.

ETA - The queries themselves would be static. the data would change daily.

the power automate connector does manipulate things in monday, but you use it in your power automate with other connectors. So you’d use a azure SQL connector in power automate to get your SQL data (run the queries) then the monday connector to update monday items with that data. And vice versa.

But I am not a power automate guru at all.

Depending on complexity this does sound like a place where custom development may be required though.