Sync to external PostgreSQL database


We have a PostgreSQL database on Microsoft Azure with a table called “companies” that includes more than 10.000 records with unique IDs. The type of work we do at our company is to analyze each of those companies.

We would like to create task items on that are linked to each of those companies, and use each of those task items as single-source-of-truth for managing discussion around the analysis of those companies, share files associated with that company. etc.

What would be the best solution to achieve that result?
What do you think are some drawbacks?

Also, we would prefer NOT to share access to the PostgreSQL database to a 3rd party plugin developer due to confidentiality.

Thank you.

Hi Carlos,

I believe the best way to do this would be to have your PostgresSQL database synced with
i.e whenever a new company is added/edited/deleted on your PostgresSQl database it the same should be reflected onto

Once the data is in you can easily manipulate and view the data.

As you are not wanting to use and third party scripts you would need to develop “synchronization” script which would periodically check for changes on your PostgreSQL database and then make the necessary changes on via the api.

Hope this helps!