Is it possible to multiple users use the same email address/account to send emails to customers

I have a team of users communicating with clients.
We want them to use the same email account/address when corresponding with clients.
is it possible to have multiple users connect to the same email account in

I would also love the ability to connect a generic email account to multiple users while using the Emails and Activities feature. For example. I was able to connect both my individual Gmail and our unit’s generic Gmail account to the Emails and Activities feature and it was great to be able to bounce between which email account I wanted the communication to come from.

I have since shared this board with other team members and it would be great if they could also connect their individual Gmail account AND the unit’s generic Gmail account and toggle between the two when sending emails.

And it would be great if the templates were tied to the specific Gmail accounts. For example, if you toggle from your individual email account to the generic email account, all of the templates tied to the generic email account would populate for anyone using the generic email account. That way we are all communicating consistently.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


I’m also trying to achieve this!


Would be great, as we handled our onboarding through Monday and want all emails to come from our onboarding email address.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned before, so thinking there may be a work around?


Hi @andrewCc - If your onboarding emails are all automated, you could set them up with a separate Automation user account that is authenticated against the onboarding email address. Then when people take action on the board and trigger the automated emails, no matter who triggers it, it will go out from that address.

Thanks @PolishedGeek - As our emails are normally requesting additional information related to the client so the main body is fairly custom.

I was thinking about if an update can then trigger an email, but we use updates for internal conversations to sadly.

@PolishedGeek–Thank you for the recommendation of the automated emails and where this will work with some actions, most of the communication we would send out would be customized where we feed in some template emails with some consistent content, but then will need to be able to adjust the content for each instance.

Has anyone created a workaround to this? Or can recommend any other apps that can make this possible?

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No tghis is stilla major issue for us… we have the automated emaiukls coming from the one account but the individual team members cannot comment/reply to the customer from the group email address


This looks like a half baked app.

I’ve tried creating an automation to send out custom email using 2 additional columns for subject line and text body. A status will trigger the sending of this custom email.

Then, I also added an automation to add replies as an update but the problem with this setup is that it creates multiple email threads on the client’s inbox and that is not ideal if we’ll have multiple back and forth emails.

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I think it’s telling that doesn’t even use for their support desk functionality…

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I’ve been hoping to see this feature- and it seems to be coming soon!

My team uses a ‘hello@{our-website}’ email address to communicate with EVERYONE. All our email correspondence apps support the single account for send/receive, notifications, automations.

I’ve seen that recently the Gmail login allows users to login with a more standard Google login and allows the shared account to be added! (almost). Now, I can authenticate and add the shared email account to the ‘manage connected accounts’ list. But when I click the checkbox to begin using it, it says ‘Oops something went wrong…’

We need this feature to tie into other automations (that won’t work unless the source email is from one address). Please, allow us to share the email address across Monday users.


We are actually doing this with a shared Outlook account and I didn’t realize until today that it wasn’t officially supported. We have a number of Monday users who all setup “Emails & Activities” with a common email address in Monday and it works great as far as letting them send emails and tracking incoming emails.

However, the issue we have been experiencing is around those different users having different settings for a shared email account and how those are applied - the answer I received from Monday was that whoever changed the settings last, those settings would apply to everyone - which isn’t ideal. I outlined some of the problems with approach in this separate feature request for board specific email settings.

I was excited to see a new version of Emails & Activities released recently, but was disappointed that it doesn’t seem to address this issue.

I also need this solution! We have multiple users who email clients from the same generic email! I feel like this is a normal thing? I’ve upvoted!

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I also need this solution!!!

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This really should be an option for emails and activities.

Basecamp does this. Monday does not.

Keeping this old thread alive. Being able to use a generic (shared) mail address is an absolute must for any team and teamwork. As a small company, all our employees need to be able to pick up work for a client at any stage. Definitely upvoted this one.


we are using MS365 and MS has outlined clear spec to make this work. It is such a basic feature we had to experience missing in Other tools we use can easily be integrated e.g. support ticket system using single email address and multi-user access.

In case of workarounds known - pls. post them here.

there is a app for MS365 but we could not find documentation though. Now contacting support.

voting up done !

Bumping this thread! Can’t believe this is not how it works… I set up my entire board and was about ready to launch, only to realize that I was the only person on my team even able to view the emails send and received from the connected email address. Once another member of my team connects the “generic” email address to their account, all the emails I could previously see show up as “Private email”. Even though the address supposedly has View Only permissions for everyone in my org…

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