Is desktop 64bit?

Apple is updating the next OS to only use 64bit apps. If I upgrade our Mac’s to the new OS will the desktop app still work?

Never-mind. I was able to answer that question after viewing instructions online. Looks like is safe.

If anyone else is curious:

@MelissaFox Just curious: is there a reason for using the desktop app versus the browser-based Cloud version of Monday?

LOVE the desktop app - I have lots of browsers open for other things and find that it slows my machine down. Using the app instead is more efficient - especially with a dual screen set up.

Good to hear, @MelissaFox .

I have a triple screen setup - laptop plus two external monitors. I have multiple tabbed Chrome browser windows open on every screen every day, including Monday.

I’m wondering if there’s any advantage in having the desktop app locally installed since the browser-based version is very lightweight and self-updating. Am I right in saying that the desktop app would have to be downloaded and installed every time there’s an update?

How do you find it more efficient compared to the browser-based Cloud version?

Still curious but thanks for your feedback so far.

You might be asking the wrong person for tech spec specifics or a comprehensive opinion. As a filmmaker - I know squat about computers beyond how to run it for my software and optimize for video playback. We picked as a team because it is easy to learn for creatives.

So all I can tell you, is that it runs smoother on the desktop app from my laptop and I find no inconvenience with updates as I have my system set to auto update anytime something new is published.

@MelissaFox No problem, Melissa. Thanks for your insights. Very helpful.