Is Monday going to start charging for forms?! aka What is WorkForms?

I noticed Monday quietly launched recently.
It shows pricing on there starting at $29/month billed annually only…
Is Monday planning on starting to charge for the forms functionality in the near future or only updating it if you pay for it as a separate addon? This smells fishy.


agreed @jk193 honestly disappointing to see that is optional charge, also who would use that over type form for example, if it was included in monday then I would be really happy to use it but for payment not a chance as it looks like what the free forms should be, this is not worth that money compared to better alternatives that are on the market along time

I think it should happen in monday, video posted 4 months ago

@YannD - the additional features in that video are for Enterprise users.

Monday Support have just written to me to confirm that WorkForms functionality will NOT be rolled in to Monday. So unfortunately this is just a case of them milking their customers rather than providing basic functionality (we all assumed Forms were going to be improved at some point, right?).

Very disappointing.


for me it looks like the new features are enabled in my regular pro account… just connected it at its all there…

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Same as you… i was looking in views, monday Labs, programmers, everywhere…

First the paid apps that you have to pay to get unsolved native functions (like TIMETRACKING)
Then Enterprise functions that should be at least on pro versions (like ITEM VIEW PERMISSIONS)
Now Monday releases is own features separately paid required??

Im dissappointed too.


On this issue at least, I do now have additional form functionality in Monday now. This appeared after I created a WorkForms account and linked it to my Monday account, though this could have been a coincidence.

I spoke to Monday support before this and was told it wouldn’t happen. I spoke to them after for clarification, and received nonsensical responses. I just gave up in the end.


I also would like to hear from Monday on this. We use the form view for a lot of our boards, I don’t want to suddenly be limited in my forms that I can create. Does monday plan to start charging to create forms now, or only if I use workforms?

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i also linked workforms with my existing account and seem to have the workforms feature set available in monday. And i can’t seem to find a way to disconnect it too. My big question is now: what happens with all the other boards and forms that we already have in place when i can only edit them now with workforms? There’s no payment plan or anything set up, so i’m guessing we’re falling under the “free user” tier, which would basically stop all our forms from working in just a few short weeks. Or are our forms going to continue to work as before?

The messaging on this implementation is more than confusing, or barely non existing at all.

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The silence from monday on this thread is concerning.

We had been inquiring about conditional logic on forms since we started using monday. I recalled being able to drag & drop existing fields within one another to create conditions when I was Beta testing the new Forms (not WorkForms) functionality. Understandably not everything in Beta makes it to Production, but I am shocked it now comes at an additional cost. It feels like a bit of a bait & switch.

I too connected our account with WorkForms & can’t figure out a way to disconnect it. Our CSM suggested we use it & that is was “free.” I quickly found out the free version only allows for 100 monthly submission. I am nervous everyday that that our mostly highly used form, ~50 submissions per day, will just stop working at some point :scream:


Hi, if you take a look of the april 2022 new features webinar from youtube, you will see that a new feature is announced for “FORMS”, not “WORKFORMS”, that is the possibility to change the font colors. Someone writed on youtube comments and monday have replied that this features will be released, if not contact support.

Well, i have contacted support and told me that this feature was for WORKFORMS and not FORMS, so i tell them that is wrong because in all the webinar WORKFORMS is not mentioned. So this thing about mixing monday and workforms in a MONDAY webinar its not cool… so i come back to the youtube comments and replied back saying this, to find out that my comment was erased…


over 1 1/2 months since my post and no answer from monday staff. that’s just sad.


In general, it seems their approach is to push marketing and development and neglect support. I don’t understand why Monday doesn’t dedicate 2-3 full-time employees to this community.


100% accurate for my pro account, just performed today (free)

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Hi all,

We sincerely apologize for the significant delay in responding to your requests. We absolutely take responsibility for this. We want to assure you all that our intention is never to neglect support. We take this feedback very seriously, and are working with our team to improve the user experience across the community platform, as we recognize this is not acceptable. In full transparency, we have been working through a backlog, which has caused this delay - this certainly isn’t an excuse, however we hope we can provide you with the information you have been looking for.

At this time, as you may have come to realize, workforms are now accessible, and free for all accounts. Whilst more advanced features like conditional logic are limited to our Enterprise plan, all accounts should have access to this feature. If you are experiencing issues accessing workforms, our support team will be able to investigate this, and get this resolved. You can reach our support team via

For all requiring additional insight into the feature, please check out this article here, monday WorkForms.

Hi all,

Welcome to monday community. I don’t think that monday .com will charge for forms functionality in the near future. However, I would still suggest you get in touch with seasoned consulting and clear your doubt once and for all.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
Phone: +1 609 632 0350 | Email : trying to fleece users for more money on a feature that was advertised as native to platform. Bet the native forms are left on the way side and we are forced to pay money if we require more than 100 forms a month.

Can anyone confirm if signing up and connecting workforms to monday account you lose native forms?

Hey @tommy_H, apologies if I’ve misunderstood however if you’re using workforms (which is currently free) this will not impact any native forms you have created in the past :pray: Please let me know if this isn’t what you were asking!

Hi Bianca,

It’s only free for the first 100 forms per month isn’t it? What happens when you have 101 forms submitted for the month?

Good point - there no information about this issue.