WorkForms - What's the plan for existing Monday Pro users

Hi there,

We have been with Monday with the Pro plan for three years and planning to have an internal overhaul setup with all the great new features. Forms came up in our internal discussion, a critical element we would heavily utilize.

Meanwhile, we are also exploring possible options since my company will invest time and effort to revamp what we have been using. So want to find out the uncertainty regarding the WorkForms as we are putting together a budget and estimate before we proceed.

Currently, it says the WorkForm is in trail. Does this mean all the great features will soon be charged at some point? Is Monday’s plan to charge the existing users with all forms or just some additional features?

Hey Jeff!

Apologies for any confusion caused here. Please refer to the information below:

All paying users (including monday trial accounts): Will automatically be on the Premium tier, without having to pay anything extra.

All non-paying users (i.e. those on the free/individual plan): Will automatically be on the Free tier.

Given you’re a Pro user, you have access to the premium tier at no extra cost :+1: