WorkForm Trial Feature: Requester

Hello–I’m seeking additional information about the most recent trial feature in WorkForms. Regarding the activation of the ‘Requester’ field, I would like to know if the list exclusively includes users with Board access, or if there is a method to include all users in your account in the dropdown options without sharing the board with them.

Many thanks ahead of time.

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Hi @akm :wave:

Tested this out for you and the first thing I was met with when looking to edit the form was a need to restrict the form (to account members only as opposed to anyone can complete it) in order to use the people column type:

I chose ‘Restrict form’ and continued. We get this:

So I went on to complete the form and the result is interesting. I am the only person subscribed to the board, so expected I would be the only person available. What I got was myself and my two line managers. So not everyone in our account and not just board subscribers. Something else.

I don’t have answers for this now but will check with my delivery team and see what they make of it!

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