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Hey guys.
Here at, we use the platform also to manage all of our Office and IT requests using our amazing forms and automations.

Here is the board where we get all the requests and also some of the automations we used :

Waiting for your feedback.



Hello here from Argentina,
be careful on using AUTO-ID columns, they are using for counting pulses only, not for pulse identification (if you sort the pulses the AUTO-ID will change and not stay with the pulse that was originally created).

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we use fix numbers (text column with the numbers) in order to sort the board from scratch if it get mixed up somehow (with some saved sorting)

We have been doing the same thing for our automation group to handle automation assistance requests in three of our production rooms with great success! As a side benefit we’re able to use the chart view to tease out data that we can use to spot trends.

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So how does the shown “Requester” column work? Do you somehow have this wired up to reply to an Unknown “Guest” (ie. Morgan Coxen). It looks as if the “Requester” is Morgan, but this implies Morgan is not a user on the shown Monday account, so she can’t be filled into the “Requester” column. This seems to imply that the requester is an internal IT person that has to be manually assigned.

Correct. Morgan in not a user of Their input to the board is by a created form and no notification is sent to the requester. However we handle this through using viewers if they so desire. In the case of this particular board (we now have 3 total of this type) only the department heads want notifications of request creation, close and resolution.

Because Monday hasn’t added the ability to populate the “person” columns from a form yet we use the pulse title to capture the requesters name.