Is there a way to change the status in one board if the item name appears in another board?

I have two boards. If the item name in one board appears in the other board, I would like to change the cell in a status column to yes. If the name does not exist in the other board I want the cell to say no.

Hey Kenneth!

This exact workflow isn’t possible at the moment but we do have some similar automation recipes in beta that could be helpful for what you’re looking to do:

Do you think any of the above automations could work as an alternative?

If not, I’d love to better understand what you are hoping to achieve with the proposed automation flow so we can help you find a workaround that suits your needs!

Hello Charlotte,

I do not think either of these will work. I have a list of suppliers in one board. I have a survey that suppliers are responding to in another board. In the first board I am wanting to know which suppliers have replied to the survey. If their name/ number shows up in the survey board, I want to change the status in the list board to “Yes”.

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