Is there a way to write an update to an item from a Form?

Hey @jlobejon

I am not sure if I understood your question the same as the others who responded did.

My understanding of your question was that instead of having the columns of your board turn into form questions so that each question would populate the columns of your board, you just want to send a form where the person filling it out will write their requirements and it will go straight to the updates section?

Technically this is possible as every form will automatically add a question at the bottom called “Update” which is a free text answer which populates the updates section.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 15.11.14

Technically, you could hide every other question on the form so that only this question appears to the user. To hide questions, just click on the eye next to the question:
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 15.12.38

I won’t mark this as solved but if this answer does indeed answer your original question, please do mark it as the solution.

If this doesn’t help and you need more guidance, feel free to respond.


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Hi, @jlobejon
to my understanding and what I have ben trying in the same direction there is no way at the moment to update a puls/item from a form.
There is only the posibility to do it via the import function using the “Manage Duplicate Items” function:
Excel Import


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The only other way to achieve this currently would be to have the information you need sent to the pulse email for the items. Each item has specific email associated with it. You can manually retrieve said email by opening the Updates for the item and clicking the “Write Updates via email”.

So in theory you could have a form outside Monday, that sent an email to the pulse address, and if someone from your team filled the fields in it, the content would populate the Info boxes, right?

Maybe is there info in the API documentation to help to know what kind of fields does it admit and how would that work?

Yes I definitely think there is a way around this current limitation through clever API & a form app use, but I’m not versed enough in the API yet.

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What are you trying to say with those cryptic phrases… ? :joy:


the system seems so robust and to realise that with FORMS, I can only create new entry and cannot update a existing entry, im literally stalled in my plans… hence I can only wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait … wait… wait,… wait… wait …

till the FORMS can update the existing fields of any task entry.



Hi, agreed with @Matthew above - I would love the functionality to update an existing entry

With a few tweaks you can achieve the desired results using the Duplicates and Uniques app. In the attached video link, I show a demo of how to do that.
Demo link

This community post further describes the app. Hope you find the app useful. If you have any question, you can reach us at

Many thanks, is there a way of adding images / attachments to the ‘update’ section in the form? Just like you can inside

Hello @designjd
Unfortunately, for now, files (images/attachments) columns are not supported in the app, mainly because of how files are implemented in We have made this concern known here which you can upvote to help change the current implementation of files so that they can be moved without having to download them first.
A quick fix to get any submitted file is to restore the deleted item from the recycle bin and then download the attached file, after which you can delete the restored item again.
The downloaded file can be added to any column or an update as desired.
Hope this was helpful. If you need any help, you can always reach out at

Hi Julia

If I set up a new Form the “Updates” question is not visible. What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks for your help.

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We want this, too. We have an existing item on a list and we would like to implement a second step in our workflow via the form. Right now, this does not appear to be possible.

I just started building a workflow and had the same issue. I think what I am going to do to cover most of the issue is the following:

Create a new “Update Item” Form view and make an automation for that to go to a group called “Updates” That will at least allow for a place for the otherwise cultivated repeat into a list where you can easily locate where the update needs to go.

then just inform the right people and set a timeline to complete and archive…

Its not beautiful but it works.

It will be great if people can edit an exsisting item through a form, so the item itself will be updated instead of creating a new item.

Thank you,

I would love to have this feature integrated as well. We use monday board as inventory it will help us remove a lot of manual work if someone outside of monday can pull up an existing item to update some of the labels.

If adding the answers from fields to the update section is what you need, you may use Jotform for example and map the answers using Zapier/Make.

If you need to set it up in a way that it will update an existing item in the board, you’ll have to use a unique keyword like an ID that will be used to map the updates to an item. For example, submission ID or email address.

You may also use the app SuperForm from the marketplace.

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I may look into these solutions more. thanks for the information. I’m still playing with / learning Make, but I may have to jump into how I might be able to use it for forms. I’m going to take a look at the marketplace now.

Monday’s WorkForm now allows you to add the update field into the form. Check it out.

Thanks, I might be able to utilize this for some use cases.