Is there an app to create something similar to a Google Doc?


I’m trying to look for some sort of app or integration for where we can share something with our client to submit information, and have them able to update this information live whenever they want. For reference, currently we share a google doc with our clients to collect information on events they’re looking to hold, and it works well as they can go in and update the document as and when they need.

I’ve tried to set up forms in for our clients to complete, however the issue is once they’ve submitted the form they aren’t then able to update the form.

Every app I’ve looked at within the app marketplace only allows you to share things with members in your team, or to create guest accounts. If we were to create guest accounts they would then be able to edit and change information for all forms submitted to that board, I’m just looking for them to be able to edit their own form.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks,

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Isn’t this one of the use cases for monday workdocs? Though they’d need to be guests in the account and you’d need to share it with them. (guests can only see things shared with them)

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Yes, but the issue I found with that is we work with hundreds of clients each with hundreds of different project managers submitting hundreds of different events. So we’d be charged an arm and a leg for every project manager we invite as a guest right, as well as thousands of docs being submitted and not very organisable within a workspace

This is why I looked at forms instead, as it allows us to just share the form link with our clients, no guest accounts needed, but it lacks the live element.

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Hey Jonathan, could you please help me understand your problem.

If you’re already using google docs, couldn’t you embed the google doc (using this app on the board you’re using to track your clients events?

I’m assuming you tried this already since you looked through the marketplace. Could you give me an example workflow, or a more detailed use case for the problem you’re facing.

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Hello Jonathan,

Just letting you know that on Pro and Enterprise Plans the amount of Guests you can invite to your account should be unlimited.

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Hey Jon,

To address your need for clients to update their information live on, we can leverage the integration of Google Sheets with By setting up a sync between a Google Sheet and your board, clients can update their information directly in the Google Sheet, and these updates will reflect in in real time.

Here’s a practical approach:

  • Google Sheets Integration: Connect a Google Sheet to, allowing real-time data syncing.
  • Shared Google Sheet: Share a Google Sheet with clients for them to input and update their event details.
  • Automation: Set up automation within to import changes from the Google Sheet at regular intervals or in real-time.
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As per me

  • Use’s “Form View” with custom fields and permissions tailored so clients can edit their own submissions.
  • Alternatively, integrate with external form tools like Typeform or Google Forms that allow post-submission editing.
  • Consider creating separate boards or workspaces for each client to manage privacy and editing permissions.
    I hope this will help you,
    Thank you