Issue with Automation of Every month`s KPI

Hi everyone! To be clear, I currently have employee names(item column) and their KPI scores(number columns). KPI scores change every month. Therefore, data should be saved at the beginning of each month, and then the KPI scores in the group or board should drop to zero. How can I automate this on


Automating the monthly reset of KPI scores on can be achieved by setting up custom automations. Here’s a general approach you can take:

Save Current Data: Before resetting the scores to zero, ensure that the current month’s data is saved. You can use the “Export” feature to download the board’s data or use integrations to sync the data with an external database.

Set Up Automation: Use the custom automation feature to create a rule that resets the KPI scores to zero. You might set up an automation like “When a date arrives, reset specific columns to default values.”

Recurring Automation: To make this happen every month, you can specify the trigger date as the first of every month. If the platform doesn’t support this directly, you might need to manually update the trigger date each month.

Maintain History: If you want to keep a history of past scores, consider creating a new group for each month’s data or duplicating the items to a new board before resetting the scores.

I hope the information may helps you.

Please can you show me all steps . Here my sample table