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Hi @mmaggart,
You can review this post about high level boards to find some inspiration:

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Hello all - I just wanted to write on this thread once more with some insight. While we do not have a specific ETA for the multi-linking for mirroring, etc. I can say for certain that we are looking into this for with the hopes of getting to it in Q2 as I know a bunch of you have requested for this functionality.

If of course it does get pushed back, it should be something we do in Q3 :slight_smile:

We appreciate your ongoing patience, especially during these difficult times! Stay safe!



my team is looking for a way to link items from many boards of structure A to one board of structure B with the automation “create an item in a different board when a status changes to somehting with the linking column in the board where the item is created”.

For this task we need the link column to be only depended on the structure and not on the board.

To give a context:
We have BOM (bill of material) boards. Because every part in them bom has to either be purchased or manufactured, we want to create an item, depend on the status to be create in a board for managing manufacturing or purchases.
Because the machine we design (a race car) has many parts (>2000 different ones) it is not suitable to put them all into one giant BOM board.

Will this be possible with the new version?

Hey, thanks for the update! I’m running into this same issue as well. I’m hoping to pitch to my VP to have my entire team onboard onto the platform, and being able to use mirrored columns in my automations would be my case much stronger.

Any update on when this might rollout? thanks!

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There are any updates on this requested features? Use mirrored columns with automations and link AND mirror múltiple boards ?



Also checking in to see if Monday has any eta updates on multi board linking functionality.

This is a base need for my project management needs…

  1. having one Main milestone board
  2. having multiple sub boards supporting each milestone category
  3. linking all of the sub board delivery dates to the Main milestone board

Right now you can only link one board at a time so it forces me to update everything manually.


Hello , are there any updates from Monday on the mirrored columns for integrations and other functionality? Mirrored data currently appears to be “dead”, or for reference only - you can’t use formulae with number data, nor reference any mirrored columns in integrations. And linking is not always an option as as you can only link the first column from another board? Would be helpful to have an indication of time when this is likely to be changed. Thanks!


Hi everyone
Could we have an update on this please?

Leaving a comment here as well to followup on this request. We need to be able to automate our linked items.

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Any follow-up on this request Not being able to notify subscribers (clients) through automations when Due Dates arise or when Status changes is really going to be a problem.



It would be nice if when using the link to mirrored column function in the what’s done field that when you click on the items that are not done you can see what those items are.


I would also like an update on this link & mirror function. Our team is new to and I can’t help but compare it to Asana, where a task can be added into multiple projects, and whatever update is made on the task, it gets updated everywhere else. The updates are based on the task/item level, not the project/board level.

Our team was using Asana but then our project manager decided to shift to because, as he says, it has inbedded dashboards and subtask tracking.

So now I’m having a problem with managing my tasks on my personal Monday board and making sure my task updates on my board are also reflected on our team’s main board.

I hope the team can work this out real soon! Thanks!


I too would like to request an update on this link & mirror function. Our team is still very new to and we have a ranking system for each of our items. I have had to manually update each item every time we update a board, having 1300 products that I am manually updating the ranking in for tracking production, logistics, sales, etc. has become extremely time consuming and I have found it was easier to take the information out of and put it back into Excel. I would have preferred to have kept this in so that our company could have better real time updates from our other office.

Please just give us an update that is all we are asking for is an update!

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I deeply understand your point . The linked and mirror function , seems to be build as incomplete , because it isn’t such an effort to have an option that says : mirror or copy .
Mirror; does what at present does and copy , just copy the selected values from linked board to fields on actual board , previously showing a list to select one of same type. That´s the way that KissFlow , Pipefy , Flokzu works . I was not able to see this functionality into Asana or Airtable.
I agree with your project manager to shift to Monday , UX likes me too much . I hope the developer team will add this functionality : “mirror or copy” . Thanks


I’ve had this same issue where I’ve been wanting to create (for example) a Chart view and use data from the linked board to manipulate the report.

The work-around I have used is by create a Formula column which displays the data from the Linked board. You will now have the data on the destination board and can use it.

I didn’t want all our staff to see this “duplicate” formula field, so I have hidden the column and create a new Table View called “Staff View”. I have then set this as the default board.

Not sure if this might help for now.


Any update on the multi-link and mirror function? I need to link multiple boards to a single board, using only 1 set of collumns. Atm i have board with a group containing a lot, and i mean A LOT of collumns, because each group of 5 is mirroring a single board.
people from @support told me that linking and mirroring multiple boards will be avaliable soon, this is gonna be this month?

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Really sad to see that “mirrored status” columns cannot be used in automations. I just thought I finally cracked a proper workflow with (as we are looking to move to, but I hit my head against the wall on this one.

I tried using the “bugs queue” template that is offered within, but since we have another board where we plan the actual work/sprints (new features etc), I have 2 options:

  1. Move the items from “Bugs”-board to work/sprints board, and lose some of the data (columns) that are not on the sprints board, because they are not needed there.
    1.1) Alternatively, create all the bugs-related columns on the sprints-board as well, but hide the bugs-column in the default view. However, this means we also need our bug reporters get access to the sprints board, to be updated on when a bug is resolved so they can inform the client. That might be a bit overwhelming, and might not be a good idea either to get a customer service rep access to the highly-technical dev board.

  2. Copy and link the bug from “Bugs”-board to the sprints board, and mirror the “sprint”-status. Unfortunately, this requires a manual update of the “Bugs status” since the “mirrored status” cannot be used in automations.

Only having the bugs always be on “bugs”-board makes planning difficult. That’s why I would like to move (well, rather copy & link) the bugs to sprints-board, so it’s planned and known when it’s expected to be done.

So right now I’m kinda drawing a blank, as to the best workflow here.


I think Monday literally just launched this. I saw I notification from them about it. FYI

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It’s only the “notify someone” they seem to support as an action. I saw this earlier today when I wanted to create automation with a mirrored status column. But the only action that worked with a mirrored status column was “notify someone”. I needed it to change another status. Once that works, I’ll be a happy camper :grinning: