It's LIVE! Triggerly a QR tracking app for ERP, Shipping, Inventory and Field operations

Triggerly a fully integrated QR item tracking app is now live in the marketplace!

Empower Your Operations on with Dynamic QR Codes

Triggerly is the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency in your field activities, manufacturing and logistics operations. Seamlessly integrated with, Triggerly revolutionizes the way you manage tasks by introducing dynamic QR codes that trigger automated actions.

Key Features:

Dynamic QR Code Generation: Create dynamic QR codes on-the-fly for real-time updates and flexibility.

Automated Actions: Trigger predefined actions such as opening items and changing statuses with a simple scan of the QR code.

Customizable Workflows: Tailor Triggerly to your specific needs with customizable workflows that adapt to the unique requirements of your field operations.

Real-time Updates: Say goodbye to manual updates and keep your team in the loop and inventory updated with instant updates ensuring everyone is on the same page and can act promptly.

Popular Use Cases:

Field Inspections: Expedite the inspection process by generating QR codes that automatically update inspection statuses and record findings in

Inventory Management: Simplify inventory tracking by using Triggerly to update quantities, and other inventory details in your database.

Delivery Tracking: Optimize your logistics operations by utilizing dynamic QR codes to track and update the status of deliveries directly within your boards.

Get Started with Triggerly Today! Experience the power of Triggerly and elevate your field operations to new heights. Sign up now for a free trial and witness the transformative impact of automated QR code triggers in your workflow.

Here’s how to use
1. Add Integration Template

To add a Triggerly integration templates, click on “Automations” button located on the top right of your board. Search for Triggerly and select the integration template that fits your use-case.

2. Customization

In this step you will define the columns you will be using to save QR code files in your board and other Integration specific settings.

Define file column for saving QR codes - Select which file column you want to use.

Define Status column column for triggering status change when scanning QR - Select which Status column and label will be triggered when scanning the corresponding QR code.

Define Number column column for triggering quantity change when scanning QR - Select which Number column will be availble for update when scanning the corresponding QR code.

Save your integration settings and you are good to go!